BEST Easter recipes to try this Spring

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Looking for the BEST Easter baking recipes ideas? Check out my Easter recipes from super quick and easy cookies to the most stunning showstopper Easter cakes and chocolate decorations. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Baker, you will certainly find a delicious Easter baking recipe to make from this festive list!

1. Cookies Easter recipe: Easter Egg Cookies

Easter Egg cookies are the way to go if you want to bake something Eastery AND also keep it simple! This Easter Egg cookies recipe is made of using my popular Chocolate Chip cookies recipe that simply I just call The Best chocolate chip cookie recipe following your feedback! I replaced chocolate chip with Ester eggs, you can literally made this recipe with any Easter egg brand of your choice, eg. Mini eggs, Creme egg etc. It is a thick, bakery style cookie, crispy and chewy, gooey and buttery, sweet but not overly sweet. Easter egg bits make it look festive and crunchy at the same time.

One of the best thing in making Easter egg cookies is that no special equipment is needed and it comes together in 15 minutes then it’s just a bit of resting time, bake and enjoy! Easter bake does not have to be complicated to achieve delicious, festive results!

CLICK HERE for the Surprise inside Easter carrot cake recipe!

Easter Egg Cookies

2. Loaf cake Easter recipe: Surprise inside Bunny loaf

This Surprise inside Easter carrot cake is the ultimate Easter cake with a hidden bunny in each slice! Yes, I understand the irony of having a bunny in a carrot cake, but how adorable is it?!

If you like carrot cake (and who does not like it?), you will love this recipe! Incredible moist loaf cake packed with spices and walnut. The ultra creamy cream cheese frosting is adding a lovely freshness to the loaf balancing its sweetness. In the recipe I am sharing with you an easy yet super creative way to decorate this Easter loaf cake with the help of a teaspoon! But the star is obviously the cut, a hidden Easter rabbit in each slice, happiness guaranteed!

CLICK HERE for the Surprise inside Easter carrot cake recipe!

Easter carrot cake

3. Bundt cake Easter recipe: Carrot Mini Bundt cakes

This Carrot Mini Bundt cake recipe is the Ultimate Carrot cake experience in a lovely Mini Bundt version! Easier to make than classic Bundt cakes and have the perfect individual serving sizes and the most amazing soft, melt in your mouth texture with silky cream cheese frosting and a super easy yet decorative candied carrot finish for the perfect Easter festive look.

The Mini bundt cake recipe is super easy and comes together in less than an hour without using tons of sugar, you will love it! This is an absolutely no fail and super moist Carrot Mini Bundt cake recipe and a perfect Easter recipe for beginners!

CLICK HERE for the Surprise inside Easter carrot cake recipe!

Moist Carrot Mini Bundt cake

4. Mousse cake Easter recipe: Carrot mousse cake

If you are looking for a Light & Airy Carrot cake recipe you found the One! Of course, everyone claims to have the Best carrot cake recipe but in the soft and airy league for me this is the winner 100%! Forget dense, overly sweet carrot cakes! This is melt in your mouth with velvety texture with the most amazing cream cheese mousse filling.

Moist and tender carrot cake packed with spices and filled with delicious, airy cream cheese mousse is the ultimate carrot mousse cake recipe you have to try! Definitely a must recipe for Easter but Carrot cake is also a great idea any other time of the year!

CLICK HERE for the Light & Airy Carrot cake recipe!

Carrot cake recipe

5. Showstopper Easter cake recipe: Speckled Cake

Make this Speckled Easter cake with Ruby chocolate – a cake that is the perfect fit for Spring and will certainly impress everyone! A lovely strawberry cake with Ruby chocolate whipped ganache frosting that does not only look stunning but also extremely delicious! This will be a masterpiece on your Easter table!

The Speckled Easter cake is made using my popular sponge cake recipe that is enhanced with vanilla. For filling I made a simple strawberry compote that is extremely delicious with full of natural strawberry flavours without being overly sweet. I covered the cake with a gorgeous Ruby chocolate whipped ganache (3 ingredients only, so easy!) that has a beautiful silky taste and lovely natural pink colour. Easter cake can´t really get an better than this Speckled Easter cake!

CLICK HERE for the Easter Speckled cake recipe!

Speckled Easter cake

6. Easter chocolate Chick recipe: Molded chocolate chick

There is nothing more satisfying than learning how to make chocolate figures at home eg. this delicious and cute Chocolate Chick for EasterMaking chocolate figure is surprisingly easy, the whole process does not take more than 30 minutes and once you learn the technique, with different molds you can make as many kind of chocolat figures as you wish eg. Chocolate eggs, Bunnies etc..

This Chocolate Chick along with some Easter eggs can be the cutest and most delicious decoration on your Easter table! It can be also the perfect edible hand made gift or can be used to decorate an Easter cake.

CLICK HERE for the molded Chocolate chick recipe!

Chocolate Chick

7. Bunny head Easter recipe: A moist and easy Carrot cake shaped as Bunny head

This Easter Bunny Head Carrot cake recipe can be the showstopper dessert on your Easter table yet so easy and no special skills are required to make it. Carrot cake shaped into a super cute bunny head, so pretty and most importantly equally delicious! The Winner of the easy yet decorate Cake league!

Melt in your mouth, velvety texture with the most amazing cream cheese mousse decoration shaped like a bunny head, how amazing is that? Definitely a must recipe for Easter! Trimming the cake into Easter bunny is easier to make that you might think with the help of my step by step recipe.

CLICK HERE for the Bunny head Cake Easter recipe!

Easter bunny carrot cake

8. Easter chocolate nest recipe: The easiest edible Easter chocolate decoration that looks like a Bird’s nest

This Easy Chocolate nest for Easter will certainly be the highlights of your Easter table! Can function as a decoration filled with chocolate eggs, can be the perfect hand made edible gift or can be used to decorate the Easter cake.

My step by step tutorial will take your through on all the necessary details you need to know about how to make this Chocolate nest for Easter! It is actually much easier than it might look, all you need is a bowl, good quality chocolate and some patience!

CLICK HERE for the Chocolate nest recipe!

Chocolate nest for Easter

BEST Easter recipes to try this Spring

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